100% Natural Angelic Hemp Bar Soap


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Luxurious – Long-lasting – Moisture-rich

Give this refreshing soap a try!  Infused with premium quality CBD High Grade Hemp Extract, this Angelic Hemp soap is not only luxurious, but also POWERFUL!!  Cleanse your face and body with the rich lather to moisturize and soothe.

Each bar has approximately 75 mg of Full Spectrum CBD.  CBD is rich is Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are known to promote skin health by reducing inflammation.

100% Natural Angelic Hemp Bar Soap

Luxurious – Long-lasting – Moisture-rich

When I decided to launch Kat’s Creations in 2017, I knew my first product had to soap.  And not just any soap.  I knew I wanted my product to be as organic as possible.  I mean, when you’re selecting a product to cleanse 90% of your body, you want the product to be “clean”.   It was important to me that there were no fragrance oils*  micas, oxides, or preservatives.  That nothing was genetically modified, and that there were absolutely no toxic chemicals or ingredients of any kind.  Every ingredient had to be of the utmost highest quality.

I remember watching my first You Tube video in an effort to educate myself on the craft of making homemade cold-processed soap.  I was actually shocked by the methods used by some, and some of the ingredients used were disturbing.  So to the books I went.   I studied and studied.  It was troubling that ingredients (such as Micas and Oxides) that were classified as “natural” were actually nature identical.  Meaning they are created in a lab to have the same chemical structure as the platelet minerals found in the earth.  Which may be a good thing because the natural minerals are not pure.  They may contain arsenic, mercury, and lead.  Well, neither option was in line with my mission.

I was on a mission to create luxurious, moisture-rich, soap bars that didn’t melt in your shower.  And since I was very sensitive to synthetic aromas, it was also very important to me to only scent my bars with high-quality, certified organic essential oils*.

How I handle the ingredients while crafting the soap is also very important to me.  I am not about to heat up my premium, organic oils in a microwave!  Nor am I going to pour hot liquid soap into plastic!  I have taken every precaution to ensure my bars are not contaminated and are as natural and organic as possible.

Made with Love

I want you to feel safe knowing the ingredients were hand-selected AND handcrafted with your health in mind.


These are hard, long lasting bars, however for optimum longevity, make sure to use a soap dish or rack where the bar has an opportunity to dry between uses.

Part of the natural beauty of handcrafted soap is that each bar may differ in its dimensional size and weight, so all weights are approximate.  Cold process bars shrink as they cure due to the evaporation of the water.  So this affects the size and weight of each bar as well.  I cure the bars a minimum of 8 weeks before they go out for sale.

Weight 4 oz


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