Angelic Hemp Relief Lip Balm

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.15 oz / 4.25 g

Experience the healing power of this soothing CBD infused lip balm.  Attack dry, chapped, sore lips with the abundance of fatty acids provided in this formula.  Angelic Hemp Lip Balm is a must for all seasons.  It provides sun protection and sunburn relief as well as provides a great barrier from dry and cold conditions.  Enjoy the pure aromas of Lavender and Peppermint essential oils blended with anti-oxidants like omega-3, omega-6, and vitamins A, B, D, and E to support your lips and leave a subtle scent.



RELIEF Lavender/Peppermint CBD & Arnica Oil

Luxurious – Hydrating – Moisturizing

Invigorate your smile and transform dry, cracked, painful lips with Kat’s Creations Angelic Hemp Lip Balm.   Formulated to deeply penetrate and nourish, it glides on easily and will heal your lips, leaving them smooth, silky and irresistibly soft.

When it comes to protecting your lips in a glamorous way, this lip balms provides the most luxurious, hydrating, moisture-rich cover for your pucker!

To satisfy any of your safety concerns,  you can have confidence knowing that our Angelic Hemp lip balm is 100% organic and is handcrafted with the finest, high-quality ingredients available.  Nothing but the best for your lips!

That’s right!  Say goodbye to chemically toxic ingredients.  You will find no genetically modified ingredients in any of our products, especially not in something you smooth on your lips.  Angelic Hemp lip balm is completely free from paraffin’s, petroleum’s, paraben’s, alcohols, preservatives and of course there are no fake, lab-created colorings or flavorings.  As an added safety measure, they are even packaged in BPA-free tubes.

Customers have become obsessed with the softness of their lips after continued use of this ridiculously hydrating lip balm.

Pamper your lips in luxury as often as needed, whether your lips have been punished by the elements, or you just want to nourish them with a healthy glow.

Your lips will thank you!
Weight 1.5 oz


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